Angry Birds Holiday Special #01

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  • Angry Birds Holiday Special #01 (Good)
    Angry Birds Holiday Special #01 (Good)
Angry Birds Holiday Special #01
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Angry Birds Holiday Special #01 (Good)

When Terence, the largest of the Angry Birds, is put in charge of the North Pole all his dreams come true. But, being in charge of delivering packages to every good little girl and boy in the world turns out to be a more difficult job than he could have imagined and his dreams quickly turn to nightmares! Will the rest of the Angry Birds be able to come in time to save the day? And where is Santa Claus anyway? Find out in this over-sized holiday special!

Возрастные рекомендации 12+
Количество страниц 48
Переплет Мягкий переплет
Состояние издания Новое
Издательство IDW Publishing
Текст Kari Korhonen
Рисунок Corrado Mastantuono
Иллюстрации Цветные

  • Волгоград
  • Екатеринбург
  • Красноярск
  • Новосибирск (Sun City)
  • Новосибирск (Плиний)

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