Dave McKean Particle Tarot The Minor Arcana HC

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The Particle Tarot is a reinterpretation of Tarot iconography with contemporary digital photographs, mixing the traditional meaning of the cards with particle physics. This work completes the Particle Tarot series which started with the Major Arcana.
This fourth book of McKeans photographic work is based on the Minor Arcana, with beautiful color photographs representing each of the characters. Forward by Milcho Manchevsky (film director of "Before The Rain", "Dust" and "The Wire" (2002) TV series episode "Game Day"). This new book by Dave McKean completes the entire Tarot deck started by him in his companion book The Particle Tarot: The Major Arcana ( we have that listed elsew in our eBay catalog ).

White satin paper. Full color throughout. Hard cover with full color dust jacket.

Возрастные рекомендации 18+
Формат 236 х 234 мм.
Количество страниц 96
Переплет Твердый переплет
Состояние издания Новое
Издательство Allen Spiegel Fine Arts
Рисунок Dave McKean
Иллюстрации Цветные

  • Волгоград
  • Екатеринбург
  • Красноярск
  • Новосибирск (Sun City)
  • Новосибирск (Плиний)

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