Extraordinary Works Of Alan Moore TP

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The definitive autobiographical book on Alan Moore finally returns to print in a new expanded and updated version! In The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore: Indispensable Edition, Moore reflects on his life and work in an insightful and candid fashion through an extensive series of interviews about his entire legendary career, including new interviews covering his career since the original edition of this book was published in 2003. From Swamp Thing, V For Vendetta, and Watchmen, to the future of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and beyond - all of his most important works and major themes are discussed. Within this tome, readers will find rare strips, scripts, artwork, and photographs of the author, most never published elsewhere.

Возрастные рекомендации 18+
Формат 216 х 280 мм.
Количество страниц 244
Переплет Мягкий переплет
Состояние издания Новое
Издательство DC Comics
Текст George Khoury
Рисунок Various
Иллюстрации Цветные + ЧБ

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